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What Is The Difference Between An AC Fan And A DC Fan?
Jun 08, 2017

DC fan Operation principle is based on the ampere right-hand rule, the conductor through the current, the surrounding will produce magnetic field, if this conductor placed in another fixed magnetic field, will produce suction or repulsion, causing the object to move. A magnetic rubber magnet is attached to the fan blades of the DC fans. Surrounded by silicon steel, the axis part of the winding two sets of coils, and using Hall sensor components as a synchronous detection device, control a set of circuits, the winding axis of the two sets of coils of rotation work. Silicon steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, this magnetic pole and rubber magnets produce suction repulsion. When the suction repulsion is greater than the friction of the louse fan, the blades naturally rotate. As the Hall sensing component provides synchronous signals, the fan leaves are thus kept running, and as far as the direction of operation is concerned, it can be decided by the Fleming right-hand rule.

AC fan Operating principle: AC fan through the direct supply of AC power, through the fixed frequency of alternating current, silicon steel produced a magnetic switch, making the fan blade torque, rotating operation. The higher the frequency of the power supply, the faster the magnetic field switch, the higher the speed of the fan in theory. But the frequency is not too fast, too fast will cause the activation difficulty.

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