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The Bearing System Of The Fan
Jun 08, 2017

The bearing system of the fan is generally recommended to choose ball bearings, since the life of fan fans usually depends on the reliability of the bearing, the ball bearing system has been proved to have high efficiency and low thermal characteristics. Ball bearings are rolling friction, from the metal beads rolling, contact surface small, friction coefficient small; and oil bearing for sliding friction, large contact surface, long-term use, oil will be volatile, bearing easy to wear, friction coefficient is big, late noise is larger, short life.

Good quality fans in addition to large ventilation, high wind pressure, reliability is also very important, the fan used in the form of bearings in this is very important. High-speed fans use ball bearings (Ballbearing) While Low-speed fans use low cost oil bearing bearings (Sleeve). The oil bearing fan is made of only one bearing, and the ball bearing fan needs two bearings, the single ball bearings, is "1ball", still with oil bearing components. Double ball bearings, or Twoballs, are more advanced than single balls. Oil bearing life is generally 10,000 hours, single ball bearings for 30,000 hours, double ball bearings for more than 50,000 hours (ambient temperature is set at 25 Shan below).