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Life Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Jun 08, 2017

First of all, it must be clear that aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be bad, only a matter of time. There are many reasons affecting the capacitance life, over-voltage, reverse voltage, high temperature, rapid charge and discharge, etc., the normal use of the case, the biggest impact is the temperature, because the higher the temperature of the electrolyte volatile loss faster. Note that the temperature here does not refer to the ambient or surface temperature, but to the working temperature of the foil. The manufacturer usually marks the capacitance life and the test temperature in the capacitor body.

Because the working temperature of the capacitor is increased by half 10 Shan life expectancy, so do not think that 2000-hour life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors than 1000 hours of good, to pay attention to the testing temperature of life. Each manufacturer has a temperature and life calculation formula, in the design of capacitance should be based on the actual data to calculate. Need to understand is to improve the aluminum electrolytic capacitor life, the first to reduce the operating temperature, in the PCB away from the heat source, the second consideration of the use of the highest operating temperature high capacitance, of course, the price will be higher.

Electrolytic capacitor in the circuit to withstand the actual voltage can not exceed its pressure. In the filter circuit, the voltage resistance value of the capacitor should not be less than 1.42 times times the effective value of the AC. When using electrolytic capacitors, pay attention to the positive and negative. Different types of capacitors should be used in various circuits. Wipe vibration Circuit can choose Mica, high-frequency ceramic capacitors, DC can choose paper, polyester, mica, electrolytic, ceramic capacitors, filter can choose electrolytic Capacitor, bypass can choose polyester, paper, ceramics, electrolytic capacitors. Capacitance before loading the circuit to check whether it has short-circuit, circuit breakers and leakage phenomena, and check its capacitance value. installation, to make the capacitor category, capacity, pressure and other symbols easy to see, in order to verify.