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Current Voltage
Jun 08, 2017

Also known as ripple currents and ripple voltage, in fact, is Ripple current, Ripple Voltage. The meaning is that the capacitor can withstand the ripple current/voltage value. The ripple voltage equals the product of ripple current and ESR.

When the ripple current increases, the ripple voltage increases exponentially even when the ESR remains unchanged. In other words, the ripple current increases as the ripple voltage increases, which is why the capacitance has a lower ESR value. After the superposition of the ripple Current, the equivalent serial resistance (ESR) in the capacitor causes the heating, which affects the life of the capacitor. In general, the ripple current is proportional to the frequency, so the ripple current is relatively low at low frequency.

The rated ripple current is the value defined at the maximum operating temperature. In practical application, the ripple bearing of capacitance is also related to its use of ambient temperature and capacitance. A specification bibliography usually provides a maximum ripple current that can be sustained by a capacitor at a specified temperature. Even a detailed chart is provided to help the user quickly find the amount of capacitance that is allowed to reach a desired service life under certain ambient temperature conditions.

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