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Cooling Fan Speed And Its Influencing Factors
Jun 08, 2017

The cooling fan speed is the number of times the fan blades rotate per minute, and the unit is RPM. The tachometer is a measuring tool for measuring the rotational speed of objects, which is commonly used as a digital measuring instrument.

When the cooling fan works, it mainly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The main principle is: to the cooling fan power supply, the fan coil with current through, according to the ampere right-hand rule we know that the coil will produce magnetic field, and scattered hot air fan blades inside attached to a prior filled with magnetic rubber magnets. The magnetic field produced by the conductor generates suction repulsion with the fixed magnetic field, and when the suction repulsion is greater than the fan's friction (the frictional force of the fan bearing, the wind resistance of the fan blade rotates), the fan blades naturally rotate. DC fan power supply voltage fixed, must use hall induction assembly as a synchronous detection device, control a set of circuits, so that the winding axis of the two sets of coils to work in turn, can produce different magnetic field.

Through the fan working principle we know that the main determinant of the fan speed is the fan structure and the components, bearing friction and fan blade inclination of the wind resistance and so on, of course, there are external factors, we will analyze: Cooling fan is through the wind cooling to achieve the heat dissipation, the factors that affect the cooling of the wind cooling system is mainly the environment of the structure, when the system environment is relatively sealed, select the fan when the fan wind pressure, fan wind pressure is not enough, the fan speed will obviously be affected, Then the air volume drops obviously, does not reach the heat dissipation effect, therefore the external wind pressure is a factor which affects the fan speed (the booster type heat dissipation fan can overcome); There is a more obvious factor is the external environment, such as sand, greasy, high and low temperature environment, ordinary cooling fan did not do the protection treatment, harsh environment on the speed of its impact is also very obvious.