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Introduction of Capacitors
Jun 08, 2017

Definition: is composed of two metal electrodes sandwiched between a layer of dielectric dielectric. When a voltage is added between two metal electrodes, the charge is stored on the electrode, so the capacitor is the energy storage element. Any two conductors, insulated and very close to each other, form a capacitor. The parallel plate capacitor is composed of the capacitor plate and the dielectric medium.


1. It has the ability to charge and discharge characteristics and to prevent DC current passing through, allowing AC current to pass through.

2. In the process of charging and discharging, the charge on the bipolar plate accumulates and the voltage is established, so the voltage on the capacitor cannot be mutated.

Capacitor charging: Two plates with equal amounts of different charges, each plate charged by the absolute value of the capacitor is called the quantity of electricity.

Capacitor discharge: The capacitor Poles are negatively charged through the conductor and neutralized. A short current is generated on the wire during discharge.

Capacitor Charging process

Capacitor Charging process

3. The capacitance of capacitors is inversely proportional to the frequency and capacity. That is, the analysis of the capacity of large hours to contact the frequency of the signal high and low, size.