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Fault handling of Capacitors
Jun 08, 2017

(1) When the capacitor explodes on fire, disconnect the power supply immediately and extinguish the fire with sand and dry fire extinguishers.

(2) When the fuse of the capacitor fuses, it should report to dispatch, and then open the circuit breaker of the capacitor after obtaining the consent. Cut off the power to discharge, the first external inspection, such as the outside of the casing has no flashover traces, whether the shell deformation, leakage and grounding device has a short-circuit phenomenon, and shaking the polar and polar insulation resistance value, check the capacitor group wiring is intact, firm, whether there is a lack of phase phenomenon, if not found fault phenomenon, can be replaced after insurance investment. If after the transmission of insurance is still fusing, should exit the fault capacitor, and restore to the rest of the transmission. If the fuse is at the same time, circuit breakers also tripping, at this time not strong delivery. You must wait until the above check is finished and then put in the insurance.

(3) The capacitor circuit breaker trip, and shunt insurance is not broken, should be discharged to the capacitor after three minutes, and then check the circuit breaker current transformer power cables and capacitors outside. If no exception is found, it may be due to external fault bus voltage fluctuations. After inspection, can be throw; otherwise, the protection of the full power test should be further. Through the above inspection, test, if still can not find the reason, then the system should be done, the capacitor gradually test. No throw shall be made until the cause is ascertained.