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Development of Electrolytic Capacitor application
Jun 08, 2017

Global aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor supply market matures, mainly in Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea and other regions. From the industry's overall competition pattern in recent years, the production of electrolytic capacitors in Japan began to shrink gradually, instead of taking Korean enterprises, Taiwanese enterprises and mainland Chinese enterprises. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors Before the 1978, in mainland China was a High-tech products, and after more than 30 years of development, aluminum electrolytic capacitor this product for the domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers have not belonged to High-tech products. From a technical point of view, some well-known brands in the domestic production of capacitors have been completely able to replace the foreign capacitance.

The impact of upward pressure on costs and downstream demand on China's transfer, in recent years, overseas well-known manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors have come to China to invest in the construction plant. In addition to the Rubycon has not yet selected the location, the rest of the world's leading manufacturers of aluminum capacitors in China set up a production base, China has rightly become the world's largest aluminum electrolytic capacitor market, the share ratio has maintained a steady rise. With the steady growth of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the traditional consumer electronics field, its Application field has been expanded in many new fields, such as energy saving lamps, frequency conversion, new energy and so on with the structural transformation and technological progress. The national "Twelve-Five" plan clearly put forward: to promote the large and medium-sized urban transport, communications, power supply, drainage and other infrastructure integration and networking development. The development of these new fields will expand the demand space of new material products, and China's aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, which is the national key development industry, will also have great development space.