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Capacitor precautions
Jun 08, 2017

Because the polarity of the capacitor has left residual charge, the first should try to put its charge out, otherwise it is easy to have an electric shock accident. When dealing with the fault capacitor, the circuit breaker and the upper and lower isolating switch of the capacitor group should be opened first, if fuse protection is adopted, the fuse tube should be removed first. At this time, although the capacitor group has been discharged by the discharge resistance, but there will still be some residual charge, so the artificial discharge must be carried out. When discharging, the grounding wire grounding and grounding network should be fixed, then the grounding rod is discharged many times to the capacitor, until no spark and discharge sound, the grounding line will be fixed well. 

At the same time, it should be noted that if the capacitor has internal disconnection, fuse or lead contact bad, the poles may also have residual charges, and in the automatic discharge or artificial discharge, these residual charges will not be released. So the operation or maintenance personnel in contact with the fault capacitor, but also wear insulating gloves, and short route short circuit capacitor bipolar to make it discharge. In addition, the capacitor with series wiring mode should be discharged separately.