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Jun 08, 2017

Capacitors, usually referred to as their capacity to hold charges, are capacitance, denoted by the letter C. Definition 1: The capacitor, as the name implies, is the ' loading container ', a device that holds the charge. English name: Capacitor. Capacitors are widely used in electronic equipment, one of the electronic components, a wide range of circuits in the cross-pass, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control and so on. Definition 2: A capacitor in which any two conductors (including conductors) that are insulated from each other and are very close to each other constitute a capacitor.

Capacitance is different from capacitor. The capacitance is the basic physical quantity, the symbol C, the unit is F (Farah).

General formula Chique Parallel Plate Capacitor formula: inter-plate electric field intensity E 2, capacitor capacitor Chi

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, digital electronic products upgrading faster and faster, to flat-panel TVs (LCD and PDP), notebook computers, digital cameras and other products mainly consumer electronics products and sales growth, driving the capacitor industry growth.

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