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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Jun 08, 2017

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made from aluminum cylinder cathode, containing liquid electrolyte, inserted a curved aluminum strip made of positive electrode. Also needs to pass through the DC voltage processing, causes the cathode piece to form a layer of oxide film to do the medium. It is characterized by large capacity, but the leakage of large, poor stability, positive and negative polarity, suitable for power filter or low-frequency circuit. When used, do not take the opposite.

A capacitor will produce various impedance and inductance because of its structure. The ESR equivalent series resistor and the ESL equivalent series inductance are important parameters-this is the base of the tolerance. An equivalent series resistor (ESR) with a small capacitance relative to the larger capacity of the external capacitance can well absorb the rapid conversion of the peak (ripple) current. It is more cost-effective to use ESR large capacitance shunt. However, this requires a compromise between the PCB area, the number of devices, and the cost.