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Cornell Dubilier Capacitors Series E37X501HPN152MCD0M

Product Details

□ Large Can

□ Screw Terminals

□ General Purpose U37 Grade

□ High Ripple

□ 350 to 500VDC Ratings

□ RoHS Compliant

□ 15,000 Hours

Lifetime at +85°C

□ Up to 175,000 Hours

Useful Life

The U37X series is the longest life version of the U37 grade series and is specifically designed to provide the ripple current capability and long life required for high reliability inverter applications. The U37X has an endurance rating of 15,000 hours at +85°C with the rated ripple current applied. The useful life can exceed 175,000 hours at +40°C and 2.1x the ripple current. These capacitors are available in a variety of high current English or Metric thread terminals. Mounting options include a three-footed clamp or bottom threaded stud. Custom designs are also available.


U37X Specifications - Screw Terminals



Category Temperature Range

—40 to +85°C

Rated Voltage Range

350 to 500VDC

Capacitance Range

1,200 to 18,000µF at +25°C, 120Hz

Capacitance Tolerance

!20% ( M ) at +25°C, 120Hz

Leakage Current

I = 0.02CV (µA ) or 5mA, whichever is smaller, after 5 minutes at +25°C.

Where I = Max. leakage current (µA ), C = Nominal capacitance (µF ) and V = Rated voltage ( V )

Rated Ripple Current Multipliers

Ambient Temperature ( °C) 


To determine maximum ripple current at a specified temperature and frequency, use the appropriate multiplier shown. However, do not use both the temperature and frequency multipliers together.

(Load Life)

The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to +25°C after subjecting them to DC voltage for 15,000 hours at +85°C with the rated ripple current applied. The sum of the DC voltage and peak AC voltage must not exceed the full rated voltage of the capacitors.

Capacitance change: ≤ 20% from initial measurement 

ESR change : ≤ 200% of initial specified limit 

Leakage current  : ≤ initial specified limit

Useful Life

With specified standard voltage and ripple current applied, typical life as function of ambient temperature is listed below.


Capacitance change: ≤ 30% from initial measurement 

ESR change: ≤ 300% of initial specified limit 

Leakage current : ≤ initial specified limit

Shelf Life

The following specifications shall be satisfied when the capacitors are restored to +25°C after exposing them for 500 hours at +85°C without voltage applied. The rated voltage shall be applied to the capacitors for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least 24 hours and not more than 48 hours before the measurements.
Capacitance change: ≤ 20% from initial measurement 

ESR change: ≤ 200% of initial specified limit 

Leakage current : ≤ initial specified limit

Vibration Rating

10 -55Hz, 10g sinusoidal in three axes, 2 hours per axis.

Maximum Tightening Torque


Typical Inductance (nH)
at 1MHz


Custom Designs

Custom CV values per case size and termination type may be available upon request. Contact appropriate representative with specific requirements.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Ask for UCC product bulletins and review specifications before purchase and/or use. Please use our products based on parameters specified in our bulletins.

U37X Useful Life


Diagram of Dimensions - Screw Terminals


Mounting Hardware - Screw Terminals


Part Numbering System for U37X Series When ordering, always specify complete 18-field global part number.


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