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Cornell Dubilier Capacitors Series B43305A2278M62

Product Details

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Snap-in capacitors

Series/Type: B43305

Date: December 2013

General-purpose grade capacitors


·Frequency converters

·Solar inverters

·Uninterruptible power supplies 

·Professional power supplies 

·Medical appliances 



·Voltage derating (0.93 · VR) enables 105 C operation, more details available upon request

·Extremely high CV product, ultra compact

·High ripple current capability

·Different case sizes available for each capacitance value 

·Capacitors with all insulation versions pass the needle flame test according to IEC 60695-11-5 for all flame exposure times up to 120 s



·Charge/discharge-proof, polar

·Aluminum case, fully insulated with PVC Version with PET insulation available

·Version with additional PET insulation cap on terminal side available for insulating the capacitor from the PCB

·Snap-in solder pins to hold component in place on PC-board

·Minus pole marking on case surface

·Minus pole not insulated from case

·Overload protection by safety vent on the base


·Standard version with 2 terminals,

2 lengths available: 6.3 and 4.5 mm

·3 terminals to ensure correct insertion: length 4.5 mm

Specifications and characteristics in brief

Rated voltage VR
Surge voltage VS

200 ... 450 V DC
1.15 · VR (for VR  250 V DC)
1.10 · VR (for VR  400 V DC)

Rated capacitance CR
Capacitance tolerance

68 ... 3300 µF
20%     M

Dissipation factor tan  
(20 C, 120 Hz)

VR  250 V DC: tan   0.15
VR  400 V DC: tan   0.20

Leakage current Ileak
(5 min, 20 C)


Self-inductance ESL

Approx. 20 nH

Useful life1)
85 C; VR; IAC,R
40 C; VR; 1.1 · IAC,R


> 2000 h
> 100000 h

C/C 20% of initial value
tan  2 times initial specified limit
Ileak  initial specified limit

Voltage endurance test
85 C; VR


2000 h

Post test requirements:
C/C 10% of initial value
tan  1.3 times initial specified limit
Ileak  initial specified limit

Vibration resistance test

To IEC 60068-2-6, test Fc:
Frequency range 10 Hz ... 55 Hz, displacement amplitude 0.35 mm, acceleration max. 5 g, duration 3  2 h. 

Capacitor mounted by its body which is rigidly clamped to the work surface.

Characteristics at low temperature

Max. impedance ratio 

at 100 Hz R


IEC climatic category

To IEC 60068-1:
VR  250 V DC: 40/085/56 (—40 C/+85 C/56 days damp heat test) VR  400 V DC: 25/085/56 (—25 C/+85 C/56 days damp heat test) The capacitors can be operated in the temperature range of
—40 C to +85 C but the impedance at —40 C should be taken into consideration.

Detail specification
Sectional specification

Similar to CECC 30301-806
IEC 60384-4

Dimensional drawings

Snap-in capacitors with standard insulation (PVC or PET)



Dimensional drawings

Snap-in capacitors with standard insulation (PVC or PET)



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