About Us

Merit Code LLC. Which is a worldwide leader in electronic components distribution. Supplying all kinds of electronic components. sepcialized in integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, capacitor, fan, resistors and other passive components. especially in fan and capacitor with great price. Leading brands for your options. 

We cooperate with millions of customers to get best prices, good selection, and a great source for hard-to-find electronic components. we allows even the smallest company or individual to enjoy the same competitive pricing edge typically reserved for the highest volume buyers. If you are searching for obsolete or discontinued electronic components, we may be able to source these for you - please contact us for details today.

More we focus on quality. our parts are 100% original from the original factorys. every part goes through our strict QC process. If customers need test. the parts can be sent to Authoritative test office for test. and offer the test report to customers.

Our Goal is that  be one of best distributors for electronic components and  make our customers enjoying best services.

Our Values is that help the customers and take our responsibility to be win-win situation with our customers.